''Touching lives, Improving People'' Has P&G missed the mark?

Global mega manufacturer Proctor and Gamble (P&G) has decided to puff its chest out in an effort to boost brand awareness of its product range by putting its name in the spotlight. The accompanying tagline “Touching lives, improving people” has been selected as part of the Australian debut.

In technical terms P&G are moving from a 'branded strategy' to an 'endorsed' model.

Competitive Fatigue: Are You Allowing it to Happen?

It's easy to get despondent and think 'how can my competitors get away with that?', or 'why are my customers behaving in a particular way?', or more commonly, 'why do customers always question price?'.

It's not their fault, and you shouldn't hate your competitor.

One of the most powerful dynamics you can manage to your advantage is the competitive positioning you have with your competition.

Don't Limit Yourself

There's a tendency to stick to conventions with branding and marketing. These limitations are mostly self imposed on what each of us perceives to be 'professional' or 'appropriate'.

There are no rules!

The only guideline you should follow is to ensure your messaging, campaign, or brand resonates with your target audience. Aside from that you can leave tradition at the door.

Ten tips for retaining and attracting customers in times of turmoil

  1. Be seen to be improving and moving: No one wants to work with stagnating companies. Even a small change to your marketing can reinvigorate market interest or stabilise your position. Perception is reality, so learn to control it before it controls you.
  2. Improve your value proposition: 90% of the time the problem is not what you sell, it's how you sell it.

Guest Column: Governance Practice Tips – Leading organisational culture from the top

Kerryn Newton, LLM, MBA, MA, FAICD, AFAIM is the Managing Director of Directors Australia. Kerryn has extensive experience working in high level positions in the private, public, non-profit and community sectors and as a consultant to organisations in a range of industry sectors.

Governance Practice Tips – Leading organisational culture from the top