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Hamish will help articulate your competitive difference and messaging to carve out and maintain a dominant market position.

Do You Need To:

  • Articulate your value proposition?
  • Regain or shift your positioning?
  • Rapidly establish credibility?
  • Increase perceived value to raise prices?
  • Develop a compelling business name?
  • Get clarity with your brand strategy?
  • Refresh a tired image that’s no longer relevant?
  • Focus teams and attract your market?
  • Rapidly reverse limiting beliefs that’s stalling sales?
  • Expedite a strategy to push into new markets?
  • Engage employees to ‘live’ your brand?


"Speaking with Hamish is a unique experience as he turns conventional wisdom on its head and is not afraid to ask tough questions. His ideas have had a profound impact on the way I think about and run my business" Joe Kafrouni LLB, LLM -Kafrouni Lawyers


It’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell it.

Why talk to Hamish?

Have you reached a point where your growth is stagnating, where a new competitive position is needed to push you to the next level?

Hamish intervenes at a number of levels including naming, repositioning, brand strategy and management across all areas of communications and messaging.

Businesses typically fail because how they define themselves is limiting or the messages the market receives is deficient. 

Success isn’t about solely focusing on quality, capacity or resources, it’s about managing perceptions.

Businesses typically fail because their brand and how they define themselves is limiting.  It impedes growth and opportunity, and the real killer, the misconceptions your customers develop.

It’s rarely your products, services or experience that affect success, it’s what you decide to communicate and how that message is received that makes the difference.

My approach is pragmatic when it comes to determining strategy. The following two questions are central to the guidance I offer:

  1. Will this help your revenue streams?
  2. Will this add value to your business, enhance its position and perceived value?


Contact Hamish Chadwick:

+61 7 3312 5588

“Be prepared for an interesting journey that should change the way you do business”. Mark Lewis, Director, A1 Exhaust Group Pty Ltd